Team Information

Team Information

Adult Team 2017 and Youth Team 2018

This summer (and 2018 for youth team) we plan to take a team to Nairobi to support the work of Jengana and see our projects there. We are keen to welcome people who are willing to give of their time and gifts to help those in extreme poverty in urban areas. We are very limited in what a team can achieve in less than 2 weeks but we know that God blesses the work in Kenya through our teams and it is an experience which can really make you rethink your life and direction as you sacrifice your time and money to help others.


📍Approximate dates for this year’s team are 15th to 27th of July 2017.
📍Dates are to be confirmed later in year for youth team but likely to be early July 2018

Cost is £1400-£1600 (exact cost will be available once flights are held)

ADULT TEAM: Anyone who is 18 years and over at the time of travel is welcome to apply.

You do not need to have a personal faith in God to be part of our teams but we do want to make you aware that we are a Christian organisation and believe that God leads and guides our work. Team members need to be comfortable with this. We attend church whilst in Kenya, we run a kids bible club and we pray on a daily basis for us as a team in all that we undertake, for those we’re working with and in people’s homes in the slums.


✏️home visits in Kibera and Mukuru
slums (encouragement and food parcels)
✏️rural mud house build in Oyugis
✏️helping out at slum feeding programme
✏️running a kids bible club
✏️feeding kids who live on the streets
✏️encouraging HIV women’s group
✏️helping out/playing with the Kipepeo babies/kids (Jengana’s home for abandoned babies)
✏️maintenance/manual work at the new Kipepeo home
✏️painting/decorating at Kipepeo.

To ask for more info or to get an application form please send an email to or contact us on here.

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