Summer 2017 Review!

Summer 2017 Review!

Sorry that we haven’t updated this page very well over the past few weeks in Kenya. The team arrived home on 28th July and we stayed on for an extra 11 days.

We were delighted to finally get our Kipepeo family moved into the newly built home on Jengana land (rather than rented premises) on Saturday 5th August after many delays. The home is not completely finished, it still needs work, but the kids have more space, beautiful land around them and we’re no longer paying rent. A huge thank you to all who prayed, gave financially and to those in the 2017 team who painted, sanded, varnished, swept and carried to speed up the workmen who were running behind.
Work will continue with as little disruption to the kids as possible.

Just before they moved, on Friday 28th July we welcomed a new little 13 month old baby boy into the family. He is classed as a ‘rescue case’ so will hopefully be reunited with his mother eventually but for now he has settled in well. He was a little thin and very hungry but a few days with good food, a safe and comfortable place to sleep and good care makes a big impact.

Work in our other projects continues, the feeding programme is still giving almost 300 kids per day a warm porridge breakfast and supporting the Mukuru slum school (Utu Wema) to give lunch to those in most need who can’t afford the minimal fee charged to the others.

In Kibera slum we are trying to grow the relatively new programme of trying to assist school leavers to access the university/college places they have been offered due to their good high school exam results, but can’t accept due to lack of funds. If you’d like to be involved in this important work, please email us at

The team were involved in these projects and much more, over the next few days we’ll update you on those….

Thanks for following the work!

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