Jengana offers numerous scholarships to enable childrena and young people in general from poor backgournds to get a chance to school. Most of these are complete scholarships covering all schooling matters while others are partial, that is working with parents/guardians in adding to their effort to ensure that the children or young people are not denied the chance to school by poverty.  Most of these children live in Kibera or Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums. Depending on the situation and type of sponsorship, different amounts of support are required.


In Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum the children we sponsor all belong to one school. The sponsorship for these children is £5 a month which enables the children to go to school. In this school they are provided with one hot meal per day which otherwise they probably would not receive at home. This school is run by Joseph Kimanthi who relies on God to provide for them in everything.


In Kibera slum, Jengana partner with Nairobi Baptist Church to sponsor these children. For every sponsorship of £15 Jengana pay another £15. This provides for the whole child including their family situation. This will help support the family with school fees, medical expenses and sometimes food if the family are in real trouble.


If you wish to be involved either in the general contribution to our education funds or specifically to sponsor someone in the education, please get in touch via or ring our secretary.


Many thanks.