Education and Sponsorship

One of the greatest needs in the city is the provision of an effective education.

One of the greatest needs in the city is the provision of an effective school to cater the specific needs for children that come from backgrounds of abuse and other related desperate backgrounds. It is our hope to extend our plot of land in such a way as to accommodate a school with a nursery, kindergarten and primary school education. These are very important areas of education and intervention for orphans and abused children. Our aim would be to provide the best possible education for the children to give them a fighting chance to rejoin the community, forge their our positive livelihoods and challenge the local community towards greater values in life.
Good primary school education in Kenya sets a child in a great position to vie for a good place in the numerous excellent secondary schools from where the young people can make their way into good colleges and careers that would only be a far and unrealistic dream at the minute.
As we pray and wait for the Lord’s provision to extend our property in Kenya and build our own primary school, we continue to sponsor children to ensure they are educated. We have sponsorship of primary school children in slums, sponsorship of children who show greater academic potential to boarding schools outside the slums and other sponsorships like College/university and technical training colleges. These sponsorships have not just allowed young people from poor backgrounds to be educated, they have given a chance to think about their lives as people with dignity, saved many especially girls from being abused and forced in adult life far too early, given them a chance to experience God’s love in very practical ways and lifted the pain and burden of working really hard without much hope.
We thank God for we have seen some children come through all the way from primary school to college/university and are now a living testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness.