Maji Project

After years of praying and fundraising we finally have our borehole and water tower project completed

Maji (water)Project

Maji is the Swahili word for water. This is our borehole water project- the water is for domestic and farming use and is shared with the local community during the long drought seasons.


After years of praying and fundraising we finally got our borehole and water tower project completed. The borehole pump is solar powered; this allows us to pump water at very low costs.

The water is pivotal in our efforts to provide our own food for the babies’ home and any other programs that we run at the site. It is our hope that some of the new farming methods that we aim to adopt will also be shared with our local community in order to improve their farming and the health of their children.

We are now able to sell the water at minimal cost to the people within our locality. The money earned from the sale of water will be used to service the pump annually.

Having water locally means that local children and women can spend more time in their education and families. In the past children have been sent to fetch water from the lengthy local towns during the drought seasons. Our water can be used straight from the tap for both human and animal consumption and this is important in dealing with some of the water borne diseases. We hope this will impact their economy, health and education as also hope to share our faith with them.