What it is not to have a home or to have a home that is not worth living in or to have a home where people care but they cannot be able to look after oneself is a reality we have seen over and over again over the years we have worked among the poor people, the slums and the sick.

We strongly believe that children are best looked after at home among their own relatives. However, we also know that this is not always the case due to many reasons. We strive to unite parents with children and to support parents/relatives/guardians to look after their own children but we don not persist on this route to the detriment of vulnerable children.

It is from this background that we are in the initial consultations of starting up a home and building one at our 6 acre site. We trust that this will be a place of hope, a home in which many will find the dignity they deserve and live to challenge others to respond in most compassionate ways.