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Volunteers look after our UK office. Due to their other busy commitments, we are sometimes unable to answer your call immediately and reply your emails/messages as quickly as we would wish.

Please do bear with us; we will always try our best to get back to you one way or another.

Facebook and email are our quickest mode and most reliable forms of communication, please use them where you can.



Is Jengana a registered charity?

Yes, Jengana is a charity registered for Gift Aid as well as being registered with the Northern Ireland Charities’ commission.

Can I donate items such as clothing and blankets?

Sometimes we are able to use our teams to carry donated stuff to Kenya, however this has many limitations and normally the team members have their own donations which they prefer to bring. We have also found that it is best to get supplies either in-country or from neighbouring countries, rather than accepting gifts in kind. This saves us a lot of time and money because we don’t have to collect, pack, or ship the required items. It also means that we can provide culturally-appropriate supplies. We prefer, therefore, to offer financial help to our partners so they can purchase supplies themselves – this also supports the local economy.

How does Jengana decide on who to help and how to help?

Whilst we have our own staff working on the ground, we believe our partners working among the poor of the city know their needs better. They recommend to us what the most urgent and desperate needs within their communities are and how best to respond to them. We also work with local government offices in Nairobi to locate children in need and to find out what are the legally appropriate ways to respond.

How does Jengana get its funding?

We solely rely to donations. These come from individuals, groups or organisations that respond to our requests for funding. As a faith organisation, we have been very encouraged by the generosity of many that has seen us so far especially with the building our Home for abandoned babies.

How can one get involved with Jengana?

There are several ways of getting involved, one can; • Join the support group to advise, pray and help organise different Jengana activities. • Take part in our annual fundraising activities e.g. Jengana 10K in May, coffee mornings, our bi-annual fundraising dinner etc. • Join one of the teams of volunteers travelling to work in Kenya. • Take a challenge e.g. Marathon in aid of Jengana. • Sponsor a child, sponsor a cot, sponsor a student. • Donate funds.

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