How you can Help!

We encourage every effort, whether large or small, aimed at making a difference to destitute families, single men or women and children. We have brought help to these people in many different forms. We have received knitted garments for babies, medical equipment, stationery and financial support. This support has come from individuals, groups ( adults and children groups) and organizations.

The volunteers that sign up for our teams each year are invaluable. Their fund raising and the people who support them make an enormous difference to many in great need.

There are many who are interested in our work, but who are not in a position to go on one of  our teams – there are other valuable ways to become involved;



Monthly donations

Support through prayer

Child Sponsorship – How your money helps!


Most children that we come across need help for several years in order to come out of the vicious cycle of poverty. It is more helpful to commit to help a child over a period of time, however we do realise not everybody is able to do that. As such we also welcome one-off donations towards a child, family, project or unspecified. For the destitute, every little helps.


£5 per Month   Food   

 £10 per Month Food & School Fees

£15 per Month Food, Health & School Fees

£20 per Month Food, Health & School Fees for Secondary School

Support can be through;


Sponsoring a project- One of or continuous (feeding program, building a school or part of a school, school fees etc)

Support Downloads

Standing Order Mandate

Cheque / Postal Order / Credit Card with Gift Aid