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We run mission and charity teams at least once a year to Kenya where our work is based. Team members come from all walks of life, age and personalities.

Why Teams?

We believe that we are not the only ones that care about the plight of others. People have been at the heart of our vision, journeying with us as we reach out to others.

The needs that we deal with are in most respects beyond our capabilities.  They also change and come in various forms, some requiring physical/practical work e.g. building/repairing a class/school, financial e.g. paying schools fees, medical fees, others are spiritual e.g. evangelism through Bible clubs, school visits, sharing testimonies, theological education and with the centre we hope to provide a home for orphans and a shelter for abused children to rehabilitate and protect them from further abuse.



Mainly in the summer for 2-3 weeks.



Though our work is mainly focused on the poor of the city of Nairobi in Kenya, our experience so far has clearly shown us that the work benefits the people who go on the trips by opening their world view and challenging their faith, it gives many people in the UK a chance to be part of a ministry that impacts others albeit they may not be able to take part in the trip and in Nairobi itself, we work mainly in the city slums and at the Jengana centre in the outskirts of Nairobi.



What we do with the teams depends very much on the makeup of the group and the incumbent issues on our list. Before each team is formed we normally identify the main needs that year/time, normally our itinerary includes;

  • Visiting our sponsored children to let them know we care beyond sending them fees etc.
  • Working with rural self help groups e.g. women’s group pulling together resources like seeds to support their farming.
  • Street feeding- mainly at night feeding children and their families.
  • Building and repair work in the slum schools where we work.
  • Home visits in the slums with food packages
  • Bible club
  • School’s ministry



Most of the work we do is simply showing love and care to others in word, deed or both word and deed.

This ranges from praying with people, visiting slum homes, feeding program, supporting medical work/health care.


Summer | 2-3 weeks


Nairobi, Kenya | Surrounding area


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