• Our feeding programme runs on a daily basis throughout the year in Mukuru kwa Njenga slum in Nairobi. It was started a few years ago after the school we supported in the slum were worried about their pupils who were falling asleep in class and couldn’t concentrate. They found that many were hungry having had […]

  • One of the greatest needs in the city is the provision of an effective school to cater the specific needs for children that come from backgrounds of abuse and other related desperate backgrounds. It is our hope to extend our plot of land in such a way as to accommodate a school with a nursery, […]

  •       Jengana offers numerous scholarships to enable childrena and young people in general from poor backgournds to get a chance to school. Most of these are complete scholarships covering all schooling matters while others are partial, that is working with parents/guardians in adding to their effort to ensure that the children or young […]

  • The call to go into all the nations and make disciples not just new new believers is at the heart of our work. We acknowledge the fact that we are in most cases ill equipped and far from the people we seek to reach. Over the years it has been a joy to work with […]

  • Kipepeo Home   What it is not to have a home or to have a home that is not worth living in or to have a home where people care but they cannot be able to look after oneself is a reality we have seen over and over again over the years we have worked […]

  • One of the main problems facing the poor of the city is enough people to believe in them and their efforts to turn their own lives round given a chance and supported through their efforts. Over the years Jengana has strived to get ways to equip the poor people we work with with some provisions […]

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