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Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God- William Carey.

Our vision is in a holistic mission approach. It is an approach that seeks to make better the lives of people who are in less fortunate positions in life and to challenge those around us to do the same. Our ultimate goal is to draw all to a life of obedience, faith and commitment to God.

There is no limit to the things that the Lord can accomplish. It is with this assurance that we hope to bring dreams to reality. Our faith in a God that intervenes to change lives, gives us the opportunity to dream dreams that see the many poor people in the slums rising from their poverty into a life a of fulfillment and change of status.

We dare to dream that these people will live to see a school that provides them with education which in the past seemed for the chosen few in higher places, with medical care that never featured in their wildest dreams and a centre that unites the community where the people are enthused and sensitized to liberation thoughts.

Whether these dreams come about in a very short time or whether they take a long time to be accomplished, we move forward, constantly drawing strength from what God has done in the past. Together with those who are passionate about poverty alleviation and a desire to share God's love to the multitudes and seeing many come to faith, we keep moving forward.

We expect great things from God, for the sake of many that need our help out in Kenya. It is our hope that we will be able to attempt great things for God. Serving Him by being the practical hand of help to the poor is at the heart of our mission. This is our vision.